Reach the growing Hispanic Market with a unique opportunity:
U.S. Hispanic buying power has risen from $499 billion in 2000, to $1 trillion in 2010, to a projected $1.5 trillion in 2015, representing a value increase of 108% from 2000 to 2015. Furthermore, 2007 marked the first year that Hispanics (specifically second-generation Latinos) surpassed all U.S. minority groups in terms of disposable personal income.

By sponsoring our documentary and screening events surrounding the broadcast, your corporation will have a unique opportunity to reach this core Latino demographic (along with non-Latino PBS viewers and non-Latino baseball fans). There are only a few sponsorships available so your company will not compete for mind-share.

Highly customized integrated marketing campaign developed for your needs:
Our marketing staff will work with you to develop an integrated marketing plan.  We will provide a variety of exciting elements in conjunction with the rollout of El Béisbol. Key components may include:

          Red-carpet events and festival screenings to premiere the documentary.
          A public relations and advertising campaign.
          Educational component
reaching middle school students.
          A companion book of photography to celebrate Latino players in baseball.  
          Community outreach events to benefit underprivileged children, education, and sports programs.

Our Fiscal Sponsor:
International Documentary Association will provide an official tax deduction receipt for all contributions to El Béisbol. 
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