El Béisbol is a two-hour documentary special intended for PBS, celebrating the rich history and exceptional contributions of baseball players of Latin American and Caribbean heritage.

While there have been documentaries on various aspects
of Latinos in baseball, no PBS documentary has delivered
a complete retrospective, or been able to provide an intimate
look at the extraordinary lives of these players on and off
the field.

Baseball is the quintessential North American game, so why are 30% of today's Major League players Latino?   We'll give viewers a first-hand look at this phenomenon by interviewing baseball's top scouts and managers.  We'll also travel to some of the Baseball Academies in the Caribbean where today's Big League stars are born.   From there, we'll follow the young careers of a select group of baseball talent and learn of their hopes and dreams, expectations and fears. Finally, we'll get to know some of today's most famous Latino ball players.   

In all, El Béisbol will reveal a world where baseball is still played with heart and for pure love of the game.
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