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The concept of "family" in Latin culture
is everything; and we intend to explore this theme, not only with the young hopefuls, but also with our biggest baseball stars.  We will see these tremendous athletes play ball for their American teams; and we'll visit their childhood homes, where most of them give back generously to their families, villages, towns, cities and countries. 

Throughout our documentary special, we also intend to interweave baseball's exuberant history in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Mexico from the late 1800's to the present. The incredible stories of Baseball Hall of Fame legends like Roberto Clemente, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda, and others will be featured prominently.

Latin American Locations
This ambitious documentary project will
be shot in Hi-Definition in countries including: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States. Generous use of photographs and archival footage will illustrate history, giving the documentary a context from which to enjoy the personal and dramatic stories that unfold. The documentary will also contain plenty of contemporary sports action, music and movement.

We want our audience to see and understand the passionate drive that has fueled so many Latino players. El Béisbol is a documentary about overcoming great odds and about remarkable individuals who are cultural icons and heroes to millions of ardent fans.



 Reach the growing Hispanic Market with a unique opportunity:
U.S. Hispanic buying power has risen from $499 billion in 2000, to $1 trillion in 2010, to a projected $1.5 trillion in 2015, representing a value increase of 108% from 2000 to 2015. Furthermore, 2007 marked the first year that Hispanics (specifically second-generation Latinos) surpassed all U.S. minority groups in terms of disposable personal income.

By sponsoring our documentary and screening events surrounding the broadcast, your corporation will have a unique opportunity to reach this core Latino demographic (along with non-Latino PBS viewers and non-Latino baseball fans). There are only a few sponsorships available so your company will not compete for mind-share.

Highly customized integrated marketing campaign developed for your needs:
Our marketing staff will work with you to develop an integrated marketing plan.  We will provide a variety of exciting elements in conjunction with the rollout of El Béisbol. Key components may include:

        •  Red-carpet events and festival screenings to premiere the documentary.
        •  A public relations and advertising campaign.
        •  Educational component reaching middle school students.
        •  A companion book of photography to celebrate Latino players in baseball.  
        •  Community outreach events to benefit underprivileged children, education, and sports programs.

Our Fiscal Sponsor:
The International Documentary Association will provide an official tax deduction receipt for all contributions to El Béisbol.   



To learn more about the fully-integrated corporate 

sponsorship opportunities and our educational component, please contact Kim Hogan.  She will provide more details about both on and off-air sponsorship benefits and customize a sponsorship package that meets your corporate marketing objectives.

Documentary Overview

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